Bethany Loates

June 9, 2020

Beth is an absolutely amazing soul and I am incredibly grateful to know her and get to call her a friend! She is insanely talented in everything she does and is the true definition of a Dream Catcher. Beth decided to take a leap of faith and leave her 9 to 5 job to dive into pursuing her passion of photography and all things creative full time! Its so amazing to watch her living out her dreams and absolutely killing it as she does. She is also such a beautiful soul and its been so much fun being able to connect over some amazing adventures. Beth is pretty much and honorary 4th McMillan sister as she travelled with our family to Cabo to photograph my sisters wedding which was a blast! We then took a girls trip to Phoenix Arizona where Beth took the most amazing photos of me in the desert for Dream Catcher. Her pictures are the ones that have changed my life and perspective on my own self love journey and a piece of her artistry will be with Dream Catcher forever as we used one of her photos for the album art. I am just so incredibly excited to see the beautiful magic that this girl makes and what adventures life takes her on next!



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