Raihanna Estrada

June 8, 2020

I honestly just say this beautiful girls name and already my day is a million times better! I am so grateful for her and our friendship. From New Moon Parties, to coffee dates, shooting music videos and even spending Christmas day together I am just so thankful for all our memories made thus far. Raihanna is not only an amazing friend but an incredible singer songwriter who brings light to every stage she stands on. She shines so bright and it amazing to get to connect with her energy as her music speaks truth and love inn every word she writes. I absolutely LOVE her song Cinderella that inspires listeners to keep chasing their dreams and giving all they got to make it happen. She is also gearing up to release a brand new single called “June” which is another one of my favorites! Nothing makes me happier than to be able to experience such a beautiful friendship with someone who has the same passion for music and to be able to cheer eachother on along the way