Lauren Rodych- Eberle

June 7, 2020

She is a world traveler, music teacher, square brownie pan chef extraordinaire, a meditator, hiker, beautiful wife and mama and I am so incredibly grateful to be inspired by her every day! I met Lauren down in Nashville at CMA Fest almost exactly 7 years ago and we’ve kept in touch mainly through social media passing on words of encouragement as the years have gone by. Even just by glancing at her Instagram you can see that Lauren shows up every day to inspire and encourage those around her. A music lover and teacher to children, she has turned her passion into a full time dream of lighting up the dream for so many kids to pursue music at a young age. We recently interviewed Lauren for our Dream Catcher Podcast and it was such an honor to be able to sit down and listen to her enthusiasm for life sparkle in every word she speaks! I am so excited to continue to watch and connect with Lauren and see where the adventure of her life takes her next