Lisa Kay Stoltzfus

June 6, 2020

Beautiful, Fun, Loving, Adventurous … just a few of the words that describe this amazing soul that I have had the honor of being friends with for the past 6 years. Lisa and I were introduced by a beautiful mutual friend and I had mentioned that I was heading up to Canada in a month to play shows. Without hesitation Lisa asked if she could come up with me as she had always wanted to visit the Rocky Mountains and I said “Absolutely”. We barely knew each other for a month when we flew to Alberta together and had the most amazing road trip through the mountains where we made a bed in the back of the truck and lived like gypsys for a few days. Over the years there have been so many journeys and memories made and her stunning smile always comes into my mind when I need a boost of encouragement. Lisa is such a thoughtful soul and started her own Fair Trade store helping Artisans from all over the world called The Mustard Seed Marketplace. I cannot say enough about her heart and the LOVE she constantly radiates to everyone around her. I know that she is on a Divine journey here to change the world one smile at a time and I am so blessed that I get to witness and encourage it along the way!