Lindsay Lawler

June 5, 2020

I wouldn’t be in Nashville Tennessee living out my dream if it wasn’t for this girl! At least not at this full potential. I came to Nashville for the first time with my mom about 10 years ago and one of the nights while we were out dancing to some live bands the lead singer pulled me up to sing some tunes with her. At the end of the show she grabbed one of her CDs and wrote on it “Mandy Move Here”. Seeing that was the first time I thought that I could actually move to Nashville to pursue music. Fast forward a few years later, after I got my US work visa I ran into Lindsay on lower broadway and reintroduced myself then fast forward 8 years later and I am forever grateful for her support and loving friendship. We’ve made some amazing memories and I’ve had the honor of watching and learning from a girl who has shown what true dedication is as she is the “Highway Angel” supporting truckers across America and their amazing stories. She also manages the beautiful Nashville Music Loft which hosts the best parties and some of the Music Industries finest have performed there! Lindsay has a passion within her to conquer anything that comes her way and she is the most generous person I have ever met. All in all, I love this girl to pieces and wish that I could tell you all our crazy stories but what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans haha