Dalyce Book

July 8, 2020

The day to my night, the gasoline to my fire and the Veronica to my Betty. I had to save this blog post towards the end of my 30 days of Dream Catchers because I knew I would cry writing this. This girl is my besty and the rock that has kept me going for the past 13 years! Dalyce is so full of strength and has lifted me up so many times throughout my life that I owe a lot of my determination and success to her willingness to not give up on me and my dreams. We have actually had a long distance best friendship for the majority of time and it feels so amazing to finally be spending some much needed time back in Alberta so we can stir up shenanigans again. Over this time, I have watched her grow and blossom into the most beautiful wife, mother and soul I know and cheered her on as she has pursued her dream of being an ER nurse and helping those in need. Her boys have been the greatest gift and I have had the honor of being called “auntie Mandy” for the past three years! The memories made have been far beyond any adventure I could hope for and it’s an unreal feeling knowing that someone has my back unconditionally. I cannot wait to see what this next chapter of Alberta holds for us and I am dying to give her and the boys a hug as soon as possible!



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