Carli Kahl

July 7, 2020

CK Bootsy, the wild half of the Dream Catcher Pod heart, a firecracker and the girl who has helped to bring out my fun side these past few years! I met Carli about 4 years ago in Nashville and after being acquaintances for a few of those years I asked her to come on board the Mandy team to help me out with some projects for my music. Since then we have had many road trips around the states including to Loveland Ohio, Atlanta Georgia, Chattanooga Tennessee and our most recent Dream Catcher Adventure across the states to Denver Colorado then up to the beautiful Bozeman Montana. I know for a fact that my journey would not look the same without this girl by my side! She is the ultimate cheerleader in any project that she is a part of and it’s been so amazing to watch her blossom into such an amazing part of the music industry. I am so incredibly grateful for her hard work and dedication to our podcast and know without a doubt I couldn’t do it without her. I am so blessed to call this girl one of my best friends and am so so so looking forward to seeing where our DC Adventure takes us next!!