O’Neal Leathers Cooper

July 6, 2020

This beautiful unicorn fairy is an absolute blessing in everyone’s life that she comes in contact with! Her uplifting energy is so radiant and genuine that she makes everyone around her smile. O’Neal and I met through me winning an Instagram giveaway (I mentioned it in a previous blog) with RocknBoho. Her portion of the giveaway was for her to design a custom jacket full of sparkles, fringe and all things stunning! From the beginning stages of us being connected I felt like this girl was about to turn me into the rockstar I always dreamt of being. When I went to her place to pick it up, and our first time meeting in person, it felt like we had known each other forever not to mention that the jacket completely blew my expectations away and is absolutely perfect and is the star of my music video for Dream Catcher! We’ve had the honor of interviewing O’Neal on our Dream Catcher podcast where she talked all things vibrant about her business Strange Ranger and her venture into mobile spray tans with her company The Bronzery Nashville. This girl is so inspirational and I am beyond excited to connect with her when I’m back down in Nashville for a trip soon! There needs to be a girls day full of spray tans, sparkles, hair wraps and of course all the classic rock music our little hearts can handle



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