Kailee Smith

July 5, 2020

Kailee Smith! A beautiful soul that I have had the honor of meeting via Instagram through mutual friends in our home town. And I am anxiously awaiting to meet her in person soon! Her energy and ability to love those around her is so vibrant and I was immediately drawn to her healing course “A Journey to Healing” through Om Ever After. It was actually a complete blessing to be a part of it. I had felt for a while that I needed a healing course, something that incorporated the chakras, and one night before bed I prayed for a sign. The next morning I opened up my instagram to see that Kailee was hosting a course so I signed up. Crazy thing is that she was supposed to take the link down the night before I felt for some reason she should leave it up and thus I was able to sneak in! It was an amazing journey that involved so much healing and has brought me so much peace regarding my future plans and goals and I learned so much about the chakras, it’s crazy! Kailee offers so many amazing healing tools through her courses and goddess circles and I am beyond excited to take in as much and as many as possible while I’m back home for the summer. I feel like this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship and can’t wait to see where our combined love for all things spiritual and healing takes it


Mandy McMillan