Lianne Gravitis

June 11, 2020

Becoming friends with this beautiful human was like sending out a little prayer and having it answered by the angels. Lianne has the most amazing intuition and had reached out to me in perfect timing just when I needed some guidance towards some soul searching. We had initially been introduced via social media when a year before she had interviewed me for her podcast The Country Music Show for my song Chasin’ the Ace. From the very beginning she has been such an amazing support and I’m so incredibly grateful for what had become an amazing friendship. Lianne is so talented in many facets including music, songwriting and everything spiritual. She is such a beautiful spirit and we’ve had many texting turned phone call conversations that have lasted for hours. I am truly blessed to have her friendship and support in my life and am so looking forward to watching her grow with her venture “Channel Your Light” where she offers intuitive guidance to those around her!



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