Todde Funk

June 12, 2020

It’s so crazy how the Universe will place people in your life at specific times for specific reasons. That’s how it was meeting and becoming friends with Todde. We initially met 3 years ago randomly and added each other on Instagram where we mildly kept up with each others lives. Fast forward and I am so so grateful that he decided to reach out last fall where we decided to connect over lattes in Nashville. That conversation changed my life where we talked all things music, culture, spirituality and about our ancestors. It was that conversation that lead me to open up my family tree where I learned some pretty amazing facts. Todde is a phenomenal musician and has been on the road as a main member of an incredible Christian artist. He has traveled the world, has made friends from all walks of life and continues to inspire everyone on a daily basis. We’ve had some amazing conversations over ramen (which he introduced me to) and I am so excited to see where his journey takes him next. He is a true Dream Catcher and his journey continues to grow and blossom in magical ways!



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