Molli Deaton

July 3, 2020

I met Molli almost six years ago when we were both cast to perform with Kenny Chesney at the 2014 CMA Awards. She is such a beautiful light and we connected instantly! It has been such an incredible experience to watch her grow over all these years and to see how she is spreading her positivity to everyone around her. Molli is an incredible dancer and after years of performing in New York she decided to return to her roots in Nashville and since then has worked on so many amazing projects like music videos, choreographed dance videos and if you’ve ever watched the CMA Awards in the past couple years you’ll recognize her as one of the beautiful stage ladies that assist the artists in walking to and from the front of the stage.. Sooo much fun!! I am so blessed to call this girl a friend and be able to be inspired by her beautiful smile and kind heart. Although we haven’t seen each other in person in quite some time, she still exudes so much light through her instagram and I am so grateful to still be able to be connected



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