Mackenzie Cortes

July 10, 2020

This beautiful, stunning, artistic soul aka The Kindred Wolf. I am always in complete awe of her beauty and radiance. I feel so blessed to have met Mackenzie at an epic 40th Birthday celebration for a mutual friend that I happened to be performing at. A little birdie told me that there was a singer in the audience and they would love to get her up to perform. This gorgeous girl got up and played a few songs for us and blew us all away! I knew we would be amazing friends from the beginning and it’s been so incredible to watch her dive into all things creative. She not only sings and plays guitar and writes but she’s a stunning photographer, designs amazing sets for her shoots, gardens and is just overall a great soul. I am so excited to be able to connect with Mackenzie more now that I am up in Alberta and have a feeling that there will be a few creative collaborative projects coming up soon!



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