Catching That Dream

June 28, 2019

Friends, Family, Fans – thank you so much for keeping up with me on this journey! I know I’ve been a little bit MIA from the blog posts over the past couple months and I’m not going to lie, it’s been a bit emotional for me. You see, one of my best friends and social media manager Tim Reynolds was the force behind keeping me on track with writing up my blog posts and if you’ve followed me for a while you may know that he sadly passed away this past February. It’s been a hard road the past few months collecting the pieces of my music career and putting them back together by myself. It has been amazing to see how my friends have rallied around and offered support but as true as it rings no one could ever fill the shoes of Tim. With that being said I am now wanting to fully put my attention back on these blog posts and doing it in memory of Tim. I know he would be proud!

My past blog posts have been about recapping my previous months journey and although I will be always keeping you guys up the speed I also want to start writing blogs regarding my personal thoughts and perspective on life, love, music and over all this amazing journey that we’re all on! I love interaction and connection so I’m hoping this brings us all closer in perspective and positive influence. Its gonna be fun!

If you follow me on social media (which is the best place to keep up with my day to day life) you know that we have been working on releasing my new song “Dream Catcher”. You guys I am CRAZY excited about this one! A song about my story in pursuing my music career. I for so long was in the mindset of “catching my dream” and it wasn’t until last fall when we went to go release “Chasin’ The Ace” that I had this major AHA moment that you cant chase the dream forever, at some point you need to catch it and that’s exactly where I’m at right now. Thus “Dream Catcher” was born. With this song I hope to inspire everyone of you that no matter where you are in life and how far away your dream may seem, that it is always right within your reach and all you have to do is catch it to make it a reality.

So in this post I challenge you to sit back and think about what Dream you’ve been thinking about for so long. Is it to travel? To create a fashion line? To become an inspirational teacher? To graduate college with a degree? To be the most amazing mom and raise beautiful babies? To write a book? To write a song and travel the world?

You are given these dreams as a guide to bring your soul the ultimate happiness. It’s like your beacon for this life journey. I can guarantee that when you start to follow your heart and passion things will just make more sense and opportunity for life and love will present itself in beautiful ways. Now there will always be challenges but that’s the fun part. Tackle obstacles, climb those mountains and grow knowing that you didn’t just sit back and let your dream pass you by. At the very least you can look back and say “I tried. And I gave it the best friggin’ effort that I possibly could”

I am so excited to see how life unfolds for me and for everyone of you!

Have a beautiful rest of your day and remember that you are a Dream Catcher.

Love Mandy