Haven’t We All Been – Self Love Series Thelma

November 9, 2020
Self Love

Self Love and Self Care used to be a very interesting thing for me. In the past I never actually gave it my full attention and was in the mind frame that you need to “work work work” to see results in your life. To take a night off and have a bubble bath meant that I just spent an hour not grinding into my work. It wasn’t truly until about three and a half years ago when I went through my crazy medical scare and hurt through my ectopic pregnancy that I realized I needed to slow down and allow my body to heal. I think the whole ordeal was my wake up call that I needed to take better care of myself. For the first time in my life I talked to my body and gave her words of encouragement. I selflessly allowed her to gain weight where she needed – especially around my midsection where I knew my body felt I needed extra cushioning to heal the trauma in my uterus. I finally saw my body as my vessel and separate from my mind and gave her the space to do what she needed to do. I also realized that my mental state was going to play a huge role in healing and that is where I started leaning was more into yoga, meditation and surrounding myself with uplifting friends who love me no matter what.

I’m excited that you have been on this journey with me so far. Thank you for loving me as I am and allowing me the space to talk open and freely about my journey as I know my story is here to help inspire some of you get through hard times in your lives as well. 

This is the start of a three part blog series to offer you some helpful tools in being at peace with yourself. Some amazing people in my life from my hometown that have offered me support and fueled my path in beautiful ways. 

The first friend I would love to boast about is Thelma from Goodland Farms and Resana Healing located just outside of my hometown of Stony Plain Alberta. I reached out to Thelma just over a year ago in hopes to use her beautiful farm as a location for a photoshoot. She instantly said yes and opened up her healing dome as a spot for me to use. The photoshoot that I had planned (with the incredibly talented Bethany Loates) was all about female empowerment where I had collected records from some of the most powerful women in music including Reba McEntire, Pat Benitar, Dolly Parton and of course miss Stevie Nicks. In some of the photos I was able to embrace my view on Devine feminine strength. This moment and connection with Thelma has lead to a beautiful friendship where I have been able to visit her beautiful garden where we pull oracle cards, sip tea and I was invited to lead a part of a full moon circle with Thelma and our beautiful friend Kailee Smith (more on Kailee tomorrow!). Through this friendship I have grown so much and been inspired to continue on my spiritual and healing journey. 

Thelma is an incredibly talented soul who’s work includes floral arrangements and earth medicine. I was so blessed to be able to harvest flowers from her farm for my music video for “Haven’t We All Been”. Keep an eye out in the video for her beautiful florals to make an appearance and I feel so blessed that the positive energy of Goodland Farms will sparkle on in the video forever! 


Photo from my photoshoot @ Goodland Farms 09-19

Photo by Bethany Loates