The New Year in a Nutshell:

January 10, 2018

2017…. where do I start?

The past year was filled with its fair shares of ups and downs. And just to be a little deep for one minute, I always find that when the New Year comes around people are so ready to get the previous year over and done with and mention all the negatives that happened and then magically the new year is upon us and people are so anxious as if “this is the year that everything will work out”. It’s kind of like in December we get this chance to look back and tally up all the goals that didn’t happen and the wacky stuff that went on just to wish better hope for the next 365 days.

Now I am not typing this to sound like a negative Nancy so here’s my take on it: There are going to be great times, there are going to be hard times … there are 365 days to open our eyes and go at those goals again. Don’t look back and feel like you need to forget a whole year or just “be done with it”. Instead embrace all that those 12 months taught you. Realize that you are 365 days stronger, wiser, tougher than you were on Jan 1st 2017. Be thankful for the highs but be very thankful for the lows. Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.

Now that that’s off my chest (And I feel like I needed to type that for my own sake as well) I am so excited for this next chapter of my life and music. I have set up new goals I would love to accomplish, new venues I’d love to play, more people I would love to work with and around. A lot of inspirational people and events are happening around me and I’m happy to be learning and growing. This means brand new music and a brand new EP! I can’t wait for you guys to hear what I’ve been working on… I’m finally zoning in on who Mandy is and what direction I want to go for music. I am also allowing space for myself to grow and not be afraid to take crazy chances (almost as crazy as dying my hair pink this time last year)

December was a chill month although having Nashville lean on the side of ghost town  always makes me anxious to start working again. Time to reboot, recharge and revamp.

I would love your feedback either via email or on my Facebook page as to what you’d like to see in future blog posts and such. Videos, life stories, music adventures, recipes .. you name it!

Also James and I put our Christmas money together and bought a professional camera to start on a photography journey and also have higher quality of videos so keep an eye out for that adventure! If you have any tips and tidbits on the photography world please send them my way!

Keep posted on Mandy Mondays!

Love y’all