30 Days of Dream Catchers June 1, 2020 Heather Cramsie

My California beach girl, I am so incredibly grateful for all the love and support that constantly radiates from Heather! Her friendship has been a true blessing and I know one million percent that we are soul sisters 🙂 It’s been so amazing to witness Heather catching her dream within the music industry here in …

30 Days of Dream Catchers May 31, 2020 Katie Jolicouer

I remember meeting Katie for the first time when we were in elementary school. She has always had such a radiant glow about her and honestly is one of the most beautiful people I have met, inside and out! I have always been in awe of her love for horses, nature, yoga, meditation, the list …

30 Days of Dream Catchers May 30, 2020 Emily Slaneff

The Adventures of MEMILY is where this post starts off and really it’s enough said if you look up our hashtag on Instagram lol What started off as a gentle heckle while I was on stage turned out to be one of the most amazing and adventurous friendships to ever grace this earth. From road …

30 Days of Dream Catchers May 29, 2020 Maddi Stroh

Miss Maddi, this girl is the definition of an angel! She took her passion for movement and created a beautiful dance studio to uplift young girls in our hometown. The dedication and love that she has to inspire others makes her such a gem and I am so grateful to have her as a friend! …

30 Days of Dream Catchers May 28, 2020 Tamara Potuck

This beautiful soul spends her days making everyone around her feel stunning and I know this first hand! One of my best friends suggested I book an appointment with Tamara – I am a bit picky about who I have to color my hair as I used to be a hairstylist myself when I lived …

30 Days of Dream Catchers May 27, 2020 Heidi Hesketh

O my gosh how do I even start with Heidi?! This beautiful soul is such an incredible light and it has been so amazing to follow along with her adventures over the years. We initially met through a friend who connected us because of our mutual love for all things vegan. Heidi is an extraordinary …

30 Days of Dream Catchers May 26, 2020 Jeremy Brown

When I think of Dream Catchers around me I don’t just think of the amazing women catching their dreams, I also have some amazing guy friends who stand out as well! Jeremy is one of them. Honestly one of the kindest, most hard working people to have ever entered the Music City limits. He had …

30 Days of Dream Catchers May 25, 2020 Jenny Marvin

Ok… this girl right here is everything spectacular blended into one beautiful margarita blender, and if it was a flavour it would be jalapeno lime with a sugar rim! Jenny has brought such a light into my life starting the minute we met at an all girls industry trip in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. …

30 Days of Dream Catchers May 24, 2020 Carrie Lelwica

My little Nashville sister from another mister! Carrie and I met when I put out an add on Facebook looking for a roommate and she replied. We met up for chips and guac and the rest is history! She is the true definition of dedication and it’s been so amazing to see her blossom over …

30 Days of Dream Catchers May 23, 2020 Angela Goedde

I am incredibly grateful for this girl and I reconnecting 7 years after we first met. Our friendship has taken off like a wildfire and it has been such an amazing journey to have her support and creativeness alongside me on this Dream Catcher adventure! Angela is an earth angel and the true definition of …

30 Days of Dream Catchers May 21, 2020 Introducing 30 Days of Dream Catchers

Introducing 30 Days of Dream Catchers! I am beyond excited to announce that my song Dream Catcher is out! It has been such an incredible journey and I can’t believe the day is finally here. Writing, recording and releasing this song has been a game changer for the vision of my music career and personal …

Life Music June 28, 2019 Catching That Dream

Friends, Family, Fans – thank you so much for keeping up with me on this journey! I know I’ve been a little bit MIA from the blog posts over the past couple months and I’m not going to lie, it’s been a bit emotional for me.

Adventures Life Music January 7, 2019 2018 in Review

The past year has been one for the books and I’m so excited to recap all the excitement!

Adventures Life December 23, 2018 Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow!

Ahhhhh y’all its my second most favorite time of the year … and that’s a lie. It is my absolute favorite time of the year!!

Adventures Life December 6, 2018 Europe Blog Round Two

I hope everyone is having an amazing Holiday Season so far!! I can’t believe it’s already December!

Adventures Life November 9, 2018 Chasin’ The Ace European Edition Part 1

October was crazy so I decided to break it up into a few portions for this month. First Blog is Europe style!

Adventures Music October 5, 2018 September Makes Me Want to Sing!

 Saying the word September always makes me want to sing. I think it’s because “September” is in so many classic songs!

Adventures Music September 1, 2018 August Adventures and more!

Hello!I hope everyone is having a fabulous end to summer.

Adventures Life Music August 16, 2018 July was Funnnnnn!

July was one amazing month! A lot of travel, new friends, new venues and a whole lot of new memories.

Adventures Music July 3, 2018 It was a whirlwind Spring!

I genuinely hope that everyone is having a great 2018! This is the year where a lot of hard work and determination starts to really pay off.